Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Easy Easter Bunny Party Favor

In the craft world, everything seems to be done a season ahead of schedule!  With that said, I already have Easter ideas brewing in my head.  I'm very excited to share this tutorial because it was  so simple to do and it's a great Easter party favor!

This adorable Easter Bunny is filled with candy.  I can see this as an Easter Day favor, with a bunch of bunnies in a basket for guests to pick up.  This would also be great at the dinner table on each place setting as a gift.

This is so simple and you only need a few things.

1.)  One sheet of felt in the color of your choice.  They usually have pre cut felt at craft and fabric stores in various shades which look to be the same size as a standard white piece of printer paper.
2.)  Ribbon or string
3.)  A sharpie or other marker
4.)  Candy such as jelly beans, gummy bears or something similar that will not melt
5.)  Cellophane plastic wrap

1.)  Start out by wrapping a few candies in cellophane wrap to keep them in a tight bundle.

2.)  Place the wrapped candy in the center of the sheet of felt and fold the felt the long way with the top right and bottom left corners meeting.

3.)  Begin to roll the felt tightly from the corner toward the center.

4.)  Roll all the way to the wrapped candy in the center.

5.)  Fold the felt in half, keeping the wrapped candy in the center.

6.)  Slightly kris-cross the ears so the folds of the felt will be visible on the sides of the bunnies head instead of the front and back.

6.)  Tightly secure a ribbon or sting (I used twine) around the center of the felt leaving the two corners to form the ears.  Make small adjustments to tweak the ears as needed.

7.)  Using a sharpie pen, draw the face of the bunny.  You could also glue on buttons if desired.

Happy Easter.... In January!  Hey, it will be here before we know it!


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