Thursday, January 24, 2013

Vintage Dresser Makeover

I recently took in all of my Grandmothers old furniture.  I really wasn't too thrilled about this right at first because well.... It looks OLD!  That's because it is old!  Most of it is mid century and just majorly needed some love.  We have had it stored out in the garage for months and the more I've researched, the more excited I am about this furniture.  First of all, vintage is all the rage right now. Secondly, furniture is crazy expensive!  Most of what you see out there these days isn't even real wood.  I am so glad I decided to put some love and work into these pieces of furniture because the transformation has been amazing!  Check out the before and after.  I will have many more of these to come as I revamp all this furniture.

This dresser is maple.  I have stripped and refinished furniture before and although the result is beautiful, it is absolutely overwhelming work.  I decided to paint this a pretty pale yellow and use it in the master bedroom.

I used a coarse sandpaper and sanded the whole dresser by hand just to get the surface clean and even.  As I mentioned, I did not strip this.  It did take three coats of paint because 1.)  The paint was such a light color and 2.) because I chose not to start with stripped, sanded and prepped wood.


I love the result.  This is very shabby chic, vintage, rustic and it has so much character.  I kept the original hardware and spray painted it a dark chocolate brown.  I can't wait to finish the rest of the furniture and share the before and afters with you.




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