Monday, December 10, 2012

Handmade fingerless gloves from recycled sweater

Fingerless Gloves
I have not had much opportunity to wear these cute gloves as the temperture remains in the mid 70's here in sunny San Diego for the holiday season. Still, if not functional, these are a great fashion accessory! This is an easy project using a recycled cable knit sweater that I picked up at my local Good Will for under 5 bucks. Here is how I made it:
1.) I used the front side panels of this red cable knit sweater for my arm warmers as I had already used my sleeves for another project. I simply used the mirrored knit pattern on both the right and left sides the sweater.
2.) After using a seam ripper to remove the zipper, I used my arm as a guide for measure. I left about a 1" allowance for the width around my arm to give me plenty of room for sewing. I used the length of my arm from elbow to fingertips which can be trimmed after sewing. 3.) Using a 1/4" seam, sew the ugly sides of the material together down the entire length of the warmer.
4.) Turn the warmer right side out. Trim the excess material at the opening to leave about 1 1/2" past your knuckles
5.) Carefully snip a SMALL opening for your thumb. Start with a very small opening (about 1/4") as the material stretches
6.) Using coordinating thread, (I used embroidery thread because it's much thicker) hand sew around the thumb opening with a loop stitch in order to keep the slit from fraying and unraveling.
That's it. Pretty simple!


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