Saturday, December 8, 2012

Holly Button Christmas Shirt

I wanted to create something a little more sophisticated for a kid's holiday shirt.  This would be perfect for Christmas dinner paired with a skirt and leggings.
With just a few buttons and a needle and thread, you can create this cute kids shirt for about 5 bucks.

Materials Needed:
Red buttons or beads for the berries
Small and medium green buttons
Needle and coordinating thread
That's it!!!

Start out with a plain long-sleeve tee shirt.  I picked this one up from Walmart for $3.88.  I used two different size green buttons to mimic the shape of the leaves and a few red beads for the berries.  You could also use small red buttons.  I chose to sew on my design by hand, but you could also use fabric glue.  It took about half an hour to hand stitch all the buttons in place, but it really could not be more simple and inexpensive for a cute holiday shirt.


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