Saturday, December 8, 2012

DIY Kids Reindeer Christmas shirt

I love the holidays, especially Christmas.  I've seen some adorable holiday clothing that would be great for my two year old daughter, but I just didn't want to spend much on an outfit that she will only wear a few times.
I came up with two fun and easy DIY shirts for Christmas and each one cost under $5.00 to make.
Baby Reindeer Tee

I picked up these plain, longsleve shirts at Walmart for $3.88 each.  You could also makeover a shirt that you already have.

You'll need felt (I used dark brown, pink and white), a good pair of scissors, fabric glue and a needle and thread.  Of course you could also sew the reindeer on by hand or with a sewing machine if you're more advanced.

Download my template by clicking the following link:

Use sewing pins to secure the template in place and cut out the images.  Liberally apply fabric glue to adhere the reindeer to the shirt and the eye, spots, nose and ears to the reindeer.  Allow to dry for 24 hours.  Because the eye is three layers of felt, use a needle and thread to reinforce the layers of the eye with a few stitches.  That's it!


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