Monday, January 21, 2013

Baby Shower for the Modern Mom

I've been fortunate enough to keep in touch with some great friends from high school. Even after 15 years of being friends, we are all still very much the same. It's amazing to see what paths we have taken so far on this journey of life and even more amazing to see us become Moms! This is why I jumped at the chance to help plan a baby shower for my friend Natalie. It was a perfect excuse to get all of us together to re menace about the good old days and for me to do my favorite thing-- Craft!

With my friend Diana's beautiful home in my high school town of Temecula, CA as a backdrop, we came up with some adorable shower ideas that I would love to share!

When we started brainstorming for shower idea's for Natalie, I had visions of rubber duckies burp cloths and diaper animal center pieces. That is until we found that she painted her baby boy's room, who is named Ethan grey and was not following a nursery theme. We knew minimal was best and started to work on the perfect modern baby shower.

Using grey, Aqua blue and white as the color pallet, we decided to use bow-ties as the theme.

We used my handmade burp cloths, accented with grey fabrics as place mats.  I'll have a link for the tutorial momentarily!

I made these letters "Ethan" letters with flexible wire and grey knitting yarn that had a fun texture. We then used thin aqua ribbon to suspend each letter from the ceiling.

We have Martha Stewart to thank for the how-to on these adorable tissue paper pom poms, which can be found at the following link:

We mixed ginger ale with white cranberry juice and added a few drops of blue food coloring to get these fun mocktails this pretty aqua color. Just a tip- don't add any fresh fruit. We put blueberries in the mix and it turned the drink purple! It also clogged up the spout of the dispinser. Lesson learned!

For a budget friendly favor, I wrapped a king size Snickers bar with grey tissue paper. I literally wrapped it as if it were a present and used scotch tape to secure the folds. I then used black tissue paper to create bow ties. For the bow tie, I cut squares measuring approximately 10" by 10" from a large sheet of some left over tissue paper I had on hand. I folded each square into thirds and made accordion type folds in the tissue paper measuring about every 1/4". I wrapped a strip of black tissue paper around the center of each bow tie and secured with a piece of scotch tape.

We look forward to meeting baby Ethan soon and congratulations to Natalie, Nick and their family!




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